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Our partner is proud to announce that they are now fully licensed by the AMF (Autorité de Marchés Financiers du Québec), becoming the first digital currency exchange to be fully licensed in Quebec. Furthermore, they are proud to announce that they are now fully licensed by FINTRAC as a Money Service Business. Interac online is now available.

Our partner was founded in 2013 and is proud to serve the transformational world of digital currency. We believe Bitcoin and other peer to peer digital currency systems are putting power back into the hands of the people, and we are overjoyed to help bring the movement to the masses.

Our goal is simple – to provide Canadians with a reliable, secure, first-class digital currency exchanger. We want to help keep Canadian money in Canada, where it’s safe.

There are many digital currency options these days, but the most popular by far is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a currency revolution. It’s a decentralized virtual form of payment that is absolutely taking the world by storm, now boasting a market cap of over $7 billion. The Bitcoin network is comprised of thousands of computers run by individuals, called “miners”, all across the world. If you’re looking to join the most world-changing financial experiment in the world, you’re at the right place!

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Canadians exchange Bitcoins into Canadian dollars. Our infrastructure is secure and reliable. We know that trust is an important factor in your decision of using our exchange, we value your privacy.

Top reasons to use our services:

  • Low transaction fees
  • Fast transactions
  • Based in Canada
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Easy, simple and intuitive
  • Fully licensed Money Service Business
  • Outstanding customer service


Our platform allows you to buy, sell, and exchange virtual currencies, with CAD$. Using CAD, you can buy virtual currency, or exchange existing virtual currency balances to CAD. Our partner also offers a “digital wallet” , which allows you to carry a virtual currencies, and send funds to anyone across the world using their public deposit address.

We do not accept internationnal customers.

Our partner:

  • is lisenced by FINTRAC as a Money Service Business in Canada : MSB registration number
  • is a Canadian Ferderal Incorporation. Corporation Number and Business Number (BN).
  • is registered in Quebec: NEQ.
  • All of our funds are secured in Canadian Banks.

 Our infrastructure uses state of the art online security and encryption to protect your money at all times. We have frequent and reliable backup programs for all our hardware, and an expert team of security specialists are always on hand to assist.

Proper licenses: 

Since June 19th 2014, businesses dealing in virtual currencies are required to register with FINTRAC and implement a complete compliance regime. Our partner is registered with FITNRAC since May 2014.

We use the highest level of encryption for your private information, as does Virtual currencies – it’s very secure. We will never broadcast, share, sell, or dispense your private information to any other party, for any reason.

Although we do everything we can to protect your funds on our system, we cannot protect your system from a breach. If your virtual currencies are stored on your computer, it is therefore necessary that you backup your wallet to protect yourself from any kind of attack or errors.

We use sophisticated software blocks to protect sensitive data from malicious attacks. We have both internal expertise and external partners to aid us in creating a completely secure site. For example we have a entreprise grade web application firewall provided by sitelock. The Firewall protects the website from more than 10 attack types.

The destination address is always verified by the platform before a withdrawal request. Unfortunately, once funds are withdrawn, we cannot intervene. You are responsible for your withdrawals. Virtual currencies do not support charge backs or transaction reversals, so please ensure your address is correct when you create a withdrawal request.


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